AWANA Registration

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines:

Clubbers will not attend club if they are sick or have a fever.

Clubbers will not be allowed to stay at club if they are running a fever when they arrive.

At drop-off, parents will wait for a clubber’s temperature to be taken before leaving.

Clubbers will wear a facemask while entering and exiting the building, passing through the building, and during singing.

Clubbers will be allowed to remove masks during large group time, small group time, and game time, but they will observe social distancing.

Parents will contact the church immediately if they find out their clubber attended Awana while having COVID-19.

Parents understand that our Awana Club will have to be cancelled for two weeks following the positive COVID test of a clubber or leader who attended club. During this time, leaders will still meet with students via Zoom.