Prayer Team

Prayer is foundational to our life in Christ and our life as a church.  Grace’s Prayer Team is committed to praying for the church, its ministries, and its members.  Each week, the Team receives the Prayer List either by email or at the Welcome Desk on Sunday.  All believers are instructed to pray without ceasing and to always give thanks (1 Thes. 5:17-18), and the Prayer Team has set aside Wednesdays as a consecrated day of prayer for our church family.


H.O.M.E. (Helping Others Meet Emergencies)

This ministry provides meals and assistance to new mothers and families who have special needs due to illness or injury. Any church members or regular attenders interested in becoming involved in this ministry should contact the church office.


Support for Those Suffering

This group meets on the third Monday of each month. The purpose of the group is to develop a biblical theology of suffering as a foundation from the word of God for those who have gone through or are currently going through suffering in order to comfort them, support them, and equip them to provide the same for others. We desire to create an environment where believers feel comfortable to share their suffering and challenges with one another so that we can better understand the needs of our brothers and sisters, pray for each other, and comfort one another with the comfort we have received from God in our own suffering. For more information, please contact Pastor Stephen Anderson.