Sunday Evening Series

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Hope.  Such a loaded word!  It’s a word that evokes emotions of all kinds.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where people seem to have lost hope.  Hope has been replaced by fear, despair, cynicism, and apathy.  Why?  It may be because they have placed their hope in politicians, the economy, education, personal relationships, religious activity, the ‘American Dream,’ or a comfortable ‘Christian culture.’  People need REAL hope.

The apostle Peter was writing to fellow believers who had none of the above.  These people were being persecuted intensely, on many levels, due to their love for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Peter was offering them TRUE hope, not the world’s hope.  The hope offered by the world is nothing more than wishful thinking or positive mental attitude.  True Biblical hope, on the other hand, is the confident expectation that what God promises for the future is guaranteed.  Unlike the hope of the world, this guarantee is based on God’s changeless character and His Word.  Peter calls this a “LIVING HOPE.”

Join us Sunday evenings for our verse-by-verse exploration through the epistle of First Peter, and discover God’s plan for “Hope in a Hopeless World.”