Biblical Counseling

We practice and promote biblical counseling. Biblical counseling is founded on the premise that God, as Creator, has solutions to man’s brokenness and that His solutions are more effective than those devised by man (Colossians 2:1-10). The solutions for man’s brokenness and the guidance for living a full abundant life are found in God’s Word. The biblical counselor’s dependence on the Holy Spirit, prayer, and the use of Scriptures as the reference guide, along with other Biblically-based topical studies, makes Biblical counseling distinctively different from the other approaches and extremely effective.

You may also schedule a counseling appointment with a pastor at our church by contacting the church office.

Grace Fellowship Church is a Partner Church with the Biblical Counseling Center. The goal of the Biblical Counseling Center is to equip the local church to do the work of discipling and counseling for its people, by its people based solely on the sufficiency of Scripture. They accomplish this in a threefold way through Counseling Training, Counseling Resources, and Counseling Services.

The Biblical Counseling Center provides counseling by appointment at the three Chicago-area locations listed below. See the locations at the right to make an appointment.


GriefShare is a Christian-based grief program that aids those mourning the loss of a loved one or friend. It is a 13-week program that has a new video each week followed by group sharing. It is not mandatory to attend from the first week; you may join at any time. Please call the church office for days and times of meetings.