Online Giving

Grace Fellowship Church is pleased to offer another giving option: eOffering. Many of us have become comfortable with online payments for our regular bills. Now Grace offers online giving through electronic deductions!

Here are some things to know:

  • You can donate by deduction from your checking or savings account.
  • You can specify how much you want to give.
  • You can choose the frequency of your giving – for example, monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly.
  • You can decide the start date and how many donations you want to give. Various options are available for recurring giving; these are listed on the form.
  • You can choose what type of offering you are making: General Fund, Fellowship Offering, or Building Fund.

As with any service like this, there is a small fee.

  • When you process your gift from your checking/savings account, there is a charge of 30¢ per transaction.
  • You may want to add an additional 30¢ to your offering to offset this charge.

When you click the link above, you’ll be taken to a page to create an account for e-Offering. After you complete the form, you will receive an email with your contact information. You must click the link from that email to proceed with the process and complete the form, indicating how much you want to give, when you want to give, and in what form you want to give.

If you have any questions about eOffering, please contact the church office between 9 AM-3 PM on weekdays.