Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast is a monthly opportunity for the men of our church to become better acquainted with one another and grow spiritually together. They meet at 7:00 AM on the second Saturday of each month (Sept-May) for prayer and Bible study. A hearty breakfast is provided, and they conclude at around 8:00 AM.

Check the church calendar for exact dates.

Do the Next Right Thing is a guidebook about thriving in the mess. It’s about choosing the next right thing now, not dithering over the details or waiting for a comprehensive solution. Many situations in life confound us with no pristine choices. Instead, we have to choose in the midst of our murky complexity. The next right thing may only get us through the day, or help us avoid a stumble tomorrow. But it does lay the foundation for a solution somewhere down the road. You can learn to Do the Next Right Thing with confidence and in faith. You can choose the kind of person you will be in the crisis. You can do what is necessary and incremental, and move with God toward His ultimate purposes. You will develop strength of character and resilience in faith while traveling at walking speed through the labyrinth of options. You will rediscover hope and companionship with God and fellow travelers along the way.