Our Mission

The mission of the church is to glorify God by both proclaiming the gospel and living the gospel. The gospel calls and empowers people to respond in faith and repentance to the good news. Our mission as a church is to train Christians to think and act like Christians through the power of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit so that they, in turn, can train others to act and think like Christians. We are to be both disciples and disciplers of others.

Our Vision

Our church wants to be a community of believers that values disciple-making as much as Jesus did. We desire that everyone in our church share the vision of seeking opportunities to disciple others.

  • Some disciple-making occurs in classrooms, such as our Sunday School classes for children, students, or adults. We also have several small groups throughout the week for a more relaxed and intimate setting with the same goals and objectives. In each of these settings, we try to strike a balance between theology and life, making the application of the Word of God practical to everyday situations.
  • Counseling situations are another disciple-making opportunity. Whether informal and unscheduled or formal and regular, counseling is a personal ministry of the Word which address problem areas with Biblical truth.
  • Finally, disciple-making occurs when people leave the comforts of home to share the gospel with others in distant places. Some missionaries are on short-term trips, from two weeks to several months. Other missionaries are in long-term commitments to make disciples in other places out of compassion.