Providing Biblical solutions for the problems people face. We prepare to counsel and help others through education and certification that upholds faithful practice with doctrinal integrity and biblical sufficiency, with resources that build up the church, and through networks and friendships that promote biblical counseling excellence.

We practice and promote Biblical counseling, the personal ministry of God’s Word through God’s people to others. The ministry is under the oversight of the elders at Grace Fellowship Church and depends upon the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word through the work of the Holy Spirit. Biblical counseling seeks to reorient disordered desires, affections, behaviors, thinking, and worship toward God-centered anthropology to restore people to a right fellowship with God and others.

We believe the church is the primary context for soul care and that we must recover the church’s responsibility to provide care for sufferers and sinners. Therefore, we encourage and support the vital ministry of biblical counseling as an expression of church life.

As a member or regular attender, you may schedule a counseling appointment with a pastor, elder, or counseling team member at our church by contacting the church office or emailing our counseling team.

Counseling is fundamentally a theological task. Understanding the problems that require counseling and helping people with those problems requires theological faithfulness and submission to God’s explanation of life. Therefore, we hold to a summary of Christian doctrine, which we believe represents biblical standards that biblical counselors must embrace to do their work faithfully. 

The contents of Scripture speak with authoritative relevance to the content of counseling conversations. Therefore, we hold that the Bible sufficiently informs the structure and content of counseling relationships.

The church should be equipped to handle issues that arise. However, due to sufficient time or the complexity of the problems, we partner with and refer some people to the Biblical Counseling Center, which provides counseling by appointment at several Chicago-area locations. See the locations on the right to make an appointment.