Our Mission

The mission of the church is to glorify God by both proclaiming the gospel and living the gospel. The church fulfills the second part of the mission, living the gospel, by making God the Father known just as Jesus did, in word and deed. We have been sent by Jesus to continue this two-fold mission to the world.

Our Vision

Our church wants to be a community of believers that manifests God’s love to the world.

  • We strive to show God’s love within the local fellowship. By fulfilling Christ’s command to love one another, the church testifies to the world what God is doing and shows that they are His followers.
  • Our church also desires to fulfill that mission by manifesting God’s love towards others outside the local fellowship by both acts of compassion and the proclamation of the gospel. The most loving thing and the most merciful thing the Church can do is to proclaim the love of God in Christ.