Outline of the Book of Hebrews

Outline of Hebrews

1 Introduction: God Has Spoken to Us in a SonHeb 1:1–4
2I.The Position of the Son in Relation to the AngelsHeb 1:5–2:18
3A.The Son Superior to the Angels Heb 1:5–14Heb 1:5–14
4             WARNING: Do Not Reject the Word Spoken Through God’s Son! Heb 2:1–4Heb 2:1–4
5ab.The Superior Son for a Time Became Positionally Lower Than the AngelsHeb 2:5–9
6B.The Son Lower Than the Angels Heb i.e., among humans to Suffer for the “Sons” Heb i.e., heirs Heb 2:10–18
7    Jesus, the Supreme Example of a Faithful SonHeb 3:1–6
8    The Negative Example of Those Who Fell Through Faithlessness Heb 3:7–19
9    Transition Heb 4:1–2
10    The Promise of Rest for Those Who Are Faithful Heb 4:3–11
11      WARNING: Consider the Power of God’s Word Heb 4:12–13
12II.The Position of the Son, Our High Priest, in Relation to the Earthly Sacrificial System Heb 4:14–10:25
13        Overlap: We Have a Sinless High Priest Who Has Gone Into Heaven Heb 4:14–16
A.The Appointment of the Son as a Superior High Priest 
141Introduction: The Son Taken From Among Humans and Appointed According to the Order of MelchizedekHeb 5:1–10
15       The Present Problem With the Hearers Heb 5:11–6:3
16          WARNING: The Danger of Falling Away from the Christian FaithHeb 6:4–8
17       Mitigation: The Author’s Confidence in and Desire for the HearersHeb 6:9–12
18       God’s Promise Our Basis of Hope Heb 6:13–20
192The Superiority of Melchizedek Heb 7:1–10
203The Superiority of Our Eternal, Melchizedekan High Priest Heb 7:11–28
21ab.We Have Such a High Priest Who Is a Minister in Heaven Heb 8:1–2
B.The Superior Offering of the Appointed High Priest 
221Introduction: The More Excellent Ministry of the Heavenly High Priest Heb 8:3–6
232The Superiority of the New Covenant Heb 8:7–13
243The Superior New Covenant – Offering Introduction: The Pattern of Old Covenant Worship: Place, With Blood, Effect Heb 9:1–10
25 a.Christ’s Superior BloodHeb 9:13–22
26 b.A Sacrifice in Heaven Heb 9:23–24
27 c.An Eternal Sacrifice Heb 10:1–18
28 Overlap: We Have a Great Priest Who Takes Us Into Heaven Heb 10:19–25
29 WARNING: The Danger of Rejecting God’s Truth and God’s Son Heb 10:26–31
30 The Positive Example of the Hearers’ Past and an Admonition to Endure to Receive the Promise Heb 10:32–39
31 The Positive Example of the Old Testament Faithful Heb 11:1–40
32 Reject Sin and Fix Your Eyes on Jesus, Supreme Example of Endurance Heb 12:1–2
33 Endure Discipline as Sons Heb 12:3–17
34 The Blessings of the New Covenant Heb 12:18–24
35     WARNING: Do Not Reject God’s Word! Heb 12:25–29
36 Practical Exhortations Heb 13:1–19
37 Benediction Heb 13:20–21
38 Conclusion Heb 13:22–25

[1] George Guthrie, Hebrews, The NIV Application Commentary (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1998), 39–41.


Note: Exposition is in plain text, exhortation is italicized and indented, and bold material indicates the unit constitutes an overlap between exposition and exhortation.